Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I donate do I get rid of the adverts?
A: No.  To enable people to pay to turn off the ads would require me to implement and administer a registration system which would take up too much time which I'd rather spend adding features.

I've worked hard to make the ads as unobtrusive as possible, they're never there when you're in the car or in iRacing's spectator mode when you might be spotting for someone.  I use the version with the ads myself, as do Derek and the guys at Zen.

If the concept of paying but still getting adverts offends you then please don't donate, it really isn't compulsory. I totally understand that point of view, I feel exactly the same way about Sky TV.

Q: Will iRDDU be supporting other sims?
A: That's the plan.  I've written iRDDU2 to be sim agnostic under the skin but I've been concentrating on getting it working with iRacing first.  I will at some point add API support for other sims but there's still a lot of things to finish in the basic app so don't hold your breath.

Q: Why don't you make iRDDU open source?
A: Open source is great for many projects but there's also a strong case for a piece of work being the vision of one person or a small, focussed team.  I know every inch of this software and I don't really think the scope of the application is large enough to warrant a larger team.  The biggest reasons though is that I'm unashamedly protective of my code and don't like other people playing with it.  I'm always responsive to other people's ideas for improvements, I've incorporated a large number of them into both GEM+ and iRDDU over the years.

People have raised concerns that I might get bored and disappear leaving the software in limbo.  My answer to that is that I released the first version of GEM+ in 2002 and I still answer support emails for it 12 years later.  If I ever get fed up with it I'll post the code and let other people open source it.