iRDDU - iRacing Data Display Unit

Download iRDDU2 2.2

iRDDU 2.2 adds support for the DX11 version of iRacing in addition to a host of other improvements and bugfixes.

iRDDU is designed to enable anyone with auxiliary screens to display data from the iRacing API in real time on their own custom dashboards. It was originally built for USB screens (such as the DisplayLink based USB screens) but will now work on any screen that forms part of the Windows desktop or even remote devices which have a client which supports Motion JPEG streaming.  I've tested with VLC, Safari and Firefox on Windows and Android with good results and Safari should work on iOS - I've even run dashboards on my Blackberry.

iRDDU2 supports multiple simultaneous dashes, button box support, inline formulae, the ability to send keystrokes to iRacing, a scripting language to build your own sophisticated dashboard controls, an in-built dashboard loader, the aforementioned remote streaming support and a much improved dashboard editor.

The development of iRDDU was supported by Derek Speare Designs and Zen Software and incorporates ads for both at times when the dash is not in active use.  Without them neither iRDDU nor iRDDU2 would exist so please take a minute to have a look at their Websites and see what they have to offer.  They're both really nice people to deal with.

Derek Speare DesignsZen Software