Donate £10 or more for better support and access to all the latest features.

As discussed in several other places all our software is donationware.  It is free to download and use as you wish and will remain so but if you do feel you'd like to show your appreciation for my efforts I accept donations to the biscuit fund via PayPal.  It's a well known fact that all the best programmers work better with a steady biscuit supply, and so do I.

There are a couple of perks associated with donating.  Anyone who donates £10 Sterling or more gets a beta tester login at the forum giving them access to the private forums where I look first for support posts.  If they have problems they'll get a quicker reponse.  They also get access to all the latest beta versions.  The beta team have been running various versions of iRDDU2 for nearly a year now and have contributed greatly to it's development.  If you have ideas you'd like implemented - join the beta team.

One thing contributing won't do is get rid of the adverts.  Implementing and policing a registration scheme for different versions with and without ads would be a right faff and I'd rather spend my time making the core program better.

If after reading all that you'd like to buy some biscuits please click the button on the left and thank you in advance.  After you contribute I get an email and then go to the forum, set up your beta login and send you an email with the user and password.  I promise to set you up as soon as I can so please allow me 12 hours or so to check my mail before calling me rude names, I may be asleep. :o)