About Shedsoft

I've been packaging my software under the name Shedsoft since I started programming on a Commodore PET back in 1978.  It's always been for my own amusement, I've never released any commercial product under the name.  Here's a potted history of the stuff that's actually been released publicly.

Back in 2000 I released my first piece of Shedsoft freeware.  Back then the racing sim of choice was Grand Prix Legends (many would argue it still is) and the GPL Engine Manager (GEM) allowed people to swap engines between cars.  It's a story I'll write up one day but suffice it to say it caused something of a storm in GPL circles and there are still people who have never forgiven me for doing it.

Because of GEM though I was invited to join the embrionic GPL modding community.  My experience of modifying the GPL exe was of particular use when we released the 1965 mod for GPL in 2002 for which I wrote GEM+; an app to enable customisation of a GPL install and easily switch between mods.  GEM+ developed over time into a powerful sim management tool and although I've not touched it for years it's still being used by the small but still fervently enthusiastic GPL community and I am immensely proud of it.  I still get support emails for it occasionally which I answer to the best of my ability.

Back in 2008 though I was invited to join the iRacing beta.  Since then I've concentrated on software for iRacing.  A year or two back Derek Speare persuaded me to write an app to allow people to use USB screens as dashboards with iRacing.  Of course that was a bit dull so I decided to make it more interesting by including an editor to allow people to build their own.  That ended up as the original iRDDU which has been very popular.

The original though wasn't as good as I wanted it to be and I knew the way I'd written it would make it hard to improve so in late 2013 I decided to completely rewrite it. It took well over a year but iRDDU2 is the result.

I have a number of projects in my head, some will become new iRDDU features and others will be separate entities.  Pop back occasionally and see what's happening or donate to join the beta team and get to play with the newer stuff early.