Welcome to Shedsoft's little corner of the Web.  I write software in my spare time to solve problems that interest me to keep my brain working. These days that generally means stuff related to sim racing, particularly iRacing.  I like iRacing.  A lot.

iRDDU2 is the replacement for the original iRacing Data Display Unit.  iRDDU enables iRacers to display data from the iRacing API in real time on their own custom dashboards. It was originally designed to be used on USB screens (such as the DisplayLink based USB screens) but will work on any screen that forms part of the Windows desktop so you can utilise spare HDMI or DVI ports or overlay dashes on iRacing itself if you don't run it full screen.

Example DashIn addition to this iRDDU2 supports real time streaming over a network to any device which can display Motion JPEG meaning you can can display dashboards on phones or tablets that support any M-JPEG client such as Firefox, VLC or Safari.  I've personally tested it on a Samsung Tab2 7", a Blackberry Q10 and an iPhone 5S as well as various networked PCs and it works pretty well.

The new version does everything the original did but with many new features such as multiple simultaneous dashes, button box support, inline formulae, the ability to send keystrokes to iRacing, a scripting language for more complex  dashboard controls, an in-built dashboard downloading facility and a much improved dashboard editor.

Example dashAll our software is free to download and use but if you wish you can contribute to the tea and biscuit fund using the PayPal button to the left.  We don't do this for the money but it’s nice to know the effort is appreciated.  Anyone who donates £10 or more gets access to the beta area on the forum where you get priority support and access to beta versions prior to general release.

The initial development of iRDDU was supported by Derek Speare and Zen Software and consequently it includes some inline advertising.  They were both enormously supportive during the development of iRDDU.  Please use the links above and on the download page to see what they have to offer - they really are very nice people to do business with.

some people call it freeware, some adware and others donationware.  Whatever you call it I hope you find it useful.  Enjoy. :o)